Top 16 Questions a Professional Destination Wedding Photographer is Asked

I absolutely love my job and have had the pleasure of working with so many truly wonderful couples deciding to exchange their vows and have their wedding here in Thailand. I feel privileged that my country has been chosen and I am always flattered when I am asked to shoot a wedding.

They say a picture can speak a thousand words and that is exactly what I keep in mind on your wedding day. Observing the smaller details ensures capturing the beautiful, magical and spontaneous moments of your true love and commitment to each other. Mother Nature also plays a crucial role and I like take full advantage of the natural elements to produce both beautiful and dramatic shots.

My style is photo-journalistic as it is those secret glances and looks of anticipation that make truly memorable photos of your special day. My approach is very relaxed and calm and I like to work with an assistant to ensure that my focus is only on you and capturing the moments which create the memories from your wedding day. I like to get to know my clients as much as possible from the moment you contact me as I believe that this is your day, not mine. I want you to enjoy every second and feel secure that I have everything covered for you.

Where Do You Shoot?

The quick answer would be; mainly Thailand, but also throughout South East Asia. In fact, worldwide if you want me! Some of the local areas in Thailand I photograph destination weddings, engagements, honeymoons and portrait shoots:

  • Phuket
  • Krabi
  • Koh Samui
  • Chiang Mai
  • Bangkok
  • Koh Lanta
  • Koh Yao
  • Phang Nga

I am also available to capture special moments in:

  • Bali
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Myanmar / Burma
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Hong Kong

How Many Hours Do you Recommend for capturing a Destination Wedding?

Typically, for a western beach wedding, I would recommend at least 6-7 hrs for smaller weddings and usually 8-10 hours for medium to larger destination weddings.

For traditional Asian weddings, this would be longer as there are usually more than one ceremony or event on the wedding day. For Indian weddings, this can be days!

For all destination wedding couples, I recommend we have a chat first as I prefer to tailor the best number of hours for your day rather than being restricted to a set package.

Who Will Shoot my Wedding?

Me! I am always the lead photographer but also work with a second photographer. Why? Because 4 eyes are better than 2. You get different angles and perspectives and both photographers will have their own creative viewpoint when they compose the shots. We usually have an assistant who stays behind us, ready to pass an empty card or anticipating what lens we need. They may also try and do their own sneaky shot with the spare camera.

Do you Offer Destination Wedding Videos?

Yes. My background before I focused on destination wedding photography and professional photography was a Director of Photography for television documentaries and advertising. I spent around 10+ years with moving film. Nowadays, I prefer to capture a moment in time and no longer film. However, I do direct my video team and oversee the editing with the creative eye I developed working with Art Directors from my past life.


One thing to be very, very mindful of is booking these services separately where the teams have not worked together before. Why? Both teams are vying or the same shot and to capture those all-important moments so could end up in a photo-bombing contest. NOT something you want at your wedding. By booking the 2 teams who know, understand and respect how everyone works will result in much better footage. It is worth considering that the video team, will at some point, have footage including a photographer. Sometimes vice versa will happen.

Do You Use A Drone?

Yes. This is an additional cost as it’s an additional process. One thing to be aware of is the privacy regulations at your destination wedding venue in Thailand.

How Long Have you Been a Destination Wedding Photographer For?

I have been working full time behind a lens since I graduated in Cinematography & Photographer at the tender age of 21 years. I will turn 48 this year! Maths is not my strong point, but think that makes that 27 years?

If you want to know more about my background, hop on over to my About Me page

What is Your Wedding Photography Style?

I am all about capturing the real and true moments wherever possible. Most call this photojournalistic.


Definition from the Collins Dictionary – Photojournalism is a form of journalism in which stories are presented mainly through photographs rather than words


To me, the purpose of a wedding photographer is to relay a visual story of your day. From beginning to end. Starting with the bride getting ready with her girls. Capturing the hair and makeup stylist at work. The tear that Mum cannot keep back.


The groom and his boys sharing laughs, beers or whiskey……….and sometimes the odd bum cheek post-shower! There are also the little details, such as the rings, shoes, cufflinks, earrings, dress, suit, gifts, invites, cards, the list can keep going on.


Needless to say, the climax of the story is the ceremony with so many emotions. Tears of joy and cringes at the bad jokes throughout the speeches.


I like to finish with some shots of the guests, and the couple too of course, when the party is in full swing. I do not recommend staying until the end unless you have a special exit planned. Most destination weddings here in Thailand have very drunk guests by this point (around 11 pm) – exit the photographer, your destination wedding story has come to a close.

How Many Images do we Get and How Much do you Charge for Additional Images Outside of your Package?

You get ALL the good images. I cannot say how many, but typically, 400+ images in a standard wedding portfolio.

I do not believe or agree with photographers keeping back some images and charging you for these. You have made a significant investment to capture once in a lifetime moments, so you should have the right to all the shots.

I am an artist, so you will NOT get any substandard images

Can we get the RAW Footage.

Nope. Sorry, Refer to the above point. I am an artist and therefore will want to check the quality of all the shots I have taken and make any necessary adjustments.

How Do you Present the Portfolio?

Nowadays, most professional wedding photographers use online services to share your wedding portfolio with you. I follow the same line. You get all the images in high resolution (300dpi). This is good enough quality to have the photos printed to poster size.

How Long Does it Take to Get our Portfolio?

I ask you to allow up to eight weeks. Why? The editing is not a fast process. This is what takes the time.

Can we Speak to Previous Wedding Clients?

Of course! Personal recommendations are always best for your peace-of-mind.

Can you Recommend or Book Any Vendors or Resorts?

There is no straight answer to this. My wife, Sarah, is a destination wedding planner and this is her area of expertise. Hair and makeup, sure, I can help and recommend with this, video team, yes, I have my own team I work with. Venues and other wedding vendors, hmmn? I am not the expert in this. My skill set is behind a lens so recommend you speak with Sarah – Siam Weddings

What Happens Once we Sign the Contract?

Before any agreements are signed, I prefer to chat with you on WhatsApp, Skype etc. This is to put your mind at rest and to ensure we have a connection.


True photographers are artists and have that ‘creative’ type of personality, so we need to feel what we capture. We see our skill as an art, not as a commodity, so that is important to me.


The flip side. I will be with you throughout your wedding day. Imagine this, you’ll have photographers in your rooms. Around you (albeit in the background) pretty much all day long, sometimes with a camera close to your face. Visualise someone you don’t particularly like OR find annoying. Unless you are a professional model, it will be pretty hard to hide that emotion from your face.


And this is why it’s important to connect with your wedding photographer, as your personality and mood will always shine through in the images.


I like you to share any particular photos you LOVE as well as share anything you don’t like or want captured. I have had requests for no bare feet from a feet phobic bride. This is no problem. I also had one from a groom who didn’t like his chin – this is a problem as it’s pretty tricky to capture the bride and groom without a full face!


We will meet before your ceremony, in person wherever possible, to go through the brief, walk through the venue and the areas you will have your ceremony, receptions and after party.


On the day, my aim is for myself and my team to be as least intrusive as possible and to become part of the scenery. I believe that a wedding day is ALL ABOUT YOU!


All images are checked at the editing stage and any double-chins, crossed-eyes, spinach in teeth, out-of-focus………generally imperfect images are either removed. Or, if it’s award-winning composition, will be edited and made perfect if possible.


Your portfolio will be sent to you online and will include a highlight section duplicated to Black & White format.

Do you Offer Wedding Albums?

Honestly, I get very little request for these but can arrange them. I would work with the high-end products such as Queensbury or IrisBook.

Why Should We Invest in You?

I am a true creative who is beyond passionate about what I do. I LOVE capturing candid moments.


The choice is ultimately yours. I am not a hard sales, merely a guy who invests his time and passion into capturing that 1 moment in time which could evoke tears of joy in 20, 30 and even 50 years from now.


If you have found, and you will, cheaper photographers and it’s the price which matters to you more than the skill, this is what I would call a ‘commodity photographer’ or ‘Spray and Pray’: Shooting a large number of images without much care, and hoping that one will turn out. If this is your preference, then sadly, I would not be the best fit for you.

Any Other Questions about Your Wedding Photography here in Thailand?

I have tried to include the most common questions asked. If you have a question which hasn’t been covered in this section, please feel free to contact me by clicking here.


Smile……., it will either warm their heart or p**s them off. Either way, you win!

Phanumas – The Artist

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