thailand photographer – director of photography

Please allow me to introduce myself; I am Phanumas Sriprasom, or more commonly known as Mas, and certainly easier to pronounce for most of you. I am a somewhat vertically challenged Thai national. What I lack in height, I make up for in tenacity and to never give up, whatever life throws at you.

I have experienced an eventful life with many ups and downs.

A quick summary. From the age of twelve,  I had to leave my family home in Chantaburi, in the south-east of Thailand, to live in Wat That Thong, a Buddhist temple, in Bangkok. I was raised by an amazing man, Pra (Monk) Suwich, who taught me about Buddhism and mentoring how to live a compassionate life. He helped me to realise my ultimate dream to study Cinematography and Photography.


After graduating in 1991, off I went into the big wide world and worked for one of Thailand’s best-known production houses, Kantana Studios. Being impatient, I became a cameraman within a year and before leaving to become a freelance Director of Photography, headed-up my own film crew.


Onto the next phase in my life. Aged thirty, I had a near-fatal car accident which left me in recovery for a spinal injury for four long years. 2004 brought me two Tsunami’s as I tragically lost my wife to cancer at thirty-three years young.


2005 was the turning-point when I put my worldly belongings into my trusted car (which I still have) and set off on an adventure and restart my life in Phuket in the South-west of Thailand.


I now live in Krabi with my English wife of ten years, and a home with a stunning view of limestone Karsts to wake up to each morning.


I am lucky enough to have made a living from my passion and hobby for over two decades………getting close to three! I capture love, emotions, personalities. I shoot things that bring me happiness, intrigue me. I direct wedding films and film projects.


‘My hair may be greyer, my face a little more lined, I am giving  George Clooney a good run for his money in the getting ‘better with age’ stakes!


I like to think I am a lucky man!


one – love & happiness

Goes without saying. What is life without both of these emotions?

two – health & lust for life

Take care of your body & health so you can enjoy life to the best of your ability.

three – mother nature

This is where true beauty lies. I am in awe of this phenomenal matriarch.

four – being in the moment

Camera free moments where you are still. Just breathe and appreciate life.

five – family & good friends

This also goes without saying. What is life without both these?

six – my home and refuge

Where I can be at one with myself, my wife, my dogs, my cats and my fish.


There’s little I love more than a grand adventure, preferably near the sea. I’m so inspired by the sound of the ocean; the wildness in all the waves with – ‘No plans, I go where the moment takes me.’

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